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Dump Your Debt Series Dump Your Debt

What is the problem with accumulating debt?

Act Your Wage Series Act Your Wage

Why do the majority of people spend more than they make?

Owned By The Owner Series Owned By The Owner

What should our relationship with money be like?

Strategic Service Sunday Series Strategic Service Sunday

Why should I serve on a team?



How should someone whose life has been impacted by the Gospel manage their financial resources?

Strategic Service Sunday

Why should I serve on a team?

The Main Thing

If we don't do this thing, we shouldn't be doing anything!

Starting Point

God. Life. Faith. What's the point? Make time to find out.

Color of Love

A special Valentine's Day message.

Discovering Your Story

What is God's specific purpose for my life?

Happy New Year 2016!

Are you focusing on what you want to ACHIEVE or who God wants you to BECOME?

Awkward Family Christmas

Have an awkward family? This series is for you!

Work Matters

What do you do when your work isn't working for you?

Meant To Be

What's the Bible's take on sex, marriage, and singleness?


What is the mission and vision of theMOVEMENT?

Two-Year Anniversary!

After two years, how is our church doing...really?


How did the early church begin, grow, and multiply?

The Life of Jesus

What did the lens of Mark see about the life of Christ?

Better Together

Why is the journey of faith better traveled together?

Happy New Year 2015!

Where did theMOVEMENT intend to go in 2015?

Christmas Sunday 2014

What makes a gift...great?

How To Be Rich

How Can I BE Rich?

Earlier Sermon Series Will Be Available Soon!